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Most parents, whom we have surveyed, share with us their top concerns when engaging an English Language tutor:
  • Not sure whether the English Language tutor is good enough (most tuition agencies do not offer the full testimonials of their tutors for parents to view)
  • Will their children be able to absorb the skills and techniques taught effectively (most English language tuition classes are taught in the conventional fashion- i.e. lecture tutorial style; some tutors are not experienced enough to guide students through the nuances of critical thinking and communicating processes to understand and ace their respective examinations)
  • How effective are the tuition sessions (most English language tuition classes do not have a sustainable game plan to continue with learning even after the conclusion of tuition classes)
  • Whether the English Language tutor has a proven track record
Many parents are frustrated when they encounter any or more of the following:
  • Tried a private tutor using a tuition agency but failed to see results
  • Tried getting recommendations from friends and relatives but are tentative as to the quality of the tutor
  • Tried to search for an excellent English Language tutor online but to no avail. The keyword “top English tutor” brings more than 69 million search results!

The problem now is not the lack of information; rather, it is the onslaught/ bombardment of information that simply overwhelms parents and students! Fortunately, you are reading this solution page on our Top English Tuition (TET Singapore) website right now; which promises to provide you with just what you need: an outstanding, professional and Top English Language Tutor for your child/ children.

English language tuition

Why Us?

top English tutor
At TET Singapore, our Star Trainer Darren Tay has accumulated vast experiences in inspiring and teaching students the right skills, techniques and strategies to ace their examinations and related academic pursuits.
English tuition Singapore
Instead of adhering to old-school teaching pedagogies, Darren believes in motivating students through engagement and guided exercises to apply the knowledge acquired.
English tuition in Singapore
Darren has an impressive track record in motivating and teaching students to produce stellar results for their English language examinations. Parents can expect to see significant improvements in their children’s English language abilities within a short period of time. In fact, we are so confident of our programme that should you be unhappy in any way with your children’s performances, we offer a money-back guarantee for the remaining lessons you have with us; no questions asked. Till date, we are proud to share that no parents or students requested for a refund of monies paid. This achievement certainly points to our quality approach towards educating your child/ children and making a difference in his/ her English language abilities.
English language tutor
We are the first in Singapore to offer an e-learning programme to boost your child/ children’s progress in honing their English Language abilities. This means that your child/ children can access our online resources (including training videos and audios, worksheets and model essays from our archives) to take learning beyond the classroom 24/7, anytime, anyplace. This e-learning platform is our value-add to all our valued students absolutely FREE!
Our Star Tutor, Darren Tay Wen Jie, brings with him a remarkable array of accolades and achievements. Graduated from Hwa Chong Institution in 2007, Darren was conferred the Outstanding Student Award for his stellar performance at the GCE A Level examinations. He went on to read law at the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law (Asia’s No. 1 Law school) and obtained his Bachelor of Laws (Hons) in 2014 and Master of Laws in 2015. Darren was also on the Dean’s List for AY2011-2012 for being the top 5% in his cohort. Till date, Darren has inspired and taught at more than 100 schools in Singapore and 20 Corporate Organisations. He has been invited on numerous occasions to speak on the subject of effective communication and the English Language on Mediacorp Radio 938LIVE, 958 Capital. Darren was also interviewed and featured on the Straits Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 8 and Her World Magazine. He has spoken and trained more than 100,000 students and working professionals (including private training for CEOs, Senior Management staff and Executives).
At TET Singapore, you can expect direct coaching, training and mentorship from our Star tutor, Darren Tay himself. Quite unlike other tuition centres where the Star tutors lend their names to the centre without doing most of the teaching, Darren believes in reaching out to each and every single student and making a difference in their learning journey.
The class size is kept small by design so that each student can get the individualized attention from the tutor. The maximum number of students per class is 10. Each lesson lasts for 2 hours and conducted on a weekly basis. During crunch time (i.e. examination season), lessons will be conducted 2 times per week to prepare students.

Here’s what you can expect in a nutshell from us at TET Singapore

  • A first class English Language tutor

  • Proven track record

  • Customised monthly student report

  • Effective teaching materials

  • Affordable rates

  • Engaging style of teaching

  • Small class size

  • 24/7 e-learning platform

  • Conducive learning environment

  • Powerful support

  • Money back guarantee

Training philosophy


Demonstration of concepts and techniques > Explanation of concepts and techqniues (through use of vivid and cogent examples, anecdotes and case studies) > Guidance to take students through the proper application of the techniques and knowledge > Evaluation to fine-tune and boost understanding of key concepts > Consistent and sustainable application of the acquired knowledge over several sessions considering the learning requirements of students.

  1. Extensive collection of model essays, literary works, academic articles
  2. Wide and holistic exposure to varied questions
  3. Proven examination strategies for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary school students


Assign worksheets and exercises to hone target skills and know-how inculcated > e-learning platform to render the learning chain a continuous one (positive reinforcement of knowledge and positive habits acquired  helps to effect long term change)


Tutor and students are not the only stakeholders in this collaborative relationship. Parents play a crucial link in the success equation of all students. The communication vehicle between parents and tutor must not run out of steam. Getting parents involved (i.e. understanding and supportive role) in their child/ children’s learning journey.

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